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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Isaac Park was obsessed with film and television as a child and developed a natural affinity towards storytelling. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a business degree, he decided to take a chance on a career in the film industry.

Isaac’s route to cinematography took him through a year of working as a production coordinator and a year and a half as an in-house cinematographer/editor/director where he developed a well-rounded view of both the production and post-production process. Now, Isaac works as a freelance Director of Photography and has moved on to shooting short films, feature films, music videos, and whatever else he can inject his own vision into.

Ultimately, Isaac’s goal is to create work that can elicit the same emotions from people that he himself feels when watching a beautifully shot work of art. Top 5 favorite movies in no particular order: Bronson (2008), City of God (2002), Children of Men (2006), Reservoir Dogs (1992), & Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)